Friday, 17 February 2012

yummy snack

i thought i would share with you one of my absolute favourite things i like to do as a mummy... bake for my little girl!

she was baby led weaned and so i started with finger food straight away and these banana biscuits were life savers... and still are!

take one very ripe banana and mash it with some fine oats and a bit of milk if you need to make it softer, add a handful of raisins (optional) and mix together.  let it all soak in together till it makes a bit of a thick gloop. then form it into round biscuits, or use cookie cutters, and bake in the oven for 8-10mins at 180ish... yum.

healthy. tasty. wholesome.

don't be fooled - these will not be tasty enough for grannies, aunties, friends or older kids... so make some rocky road... also incredibly easy!

melt some good quality chocolate and mix with bashed up biscuit like digestive then stir in some raisins (we go through a lot of raisins in our household!) and marshmallows - you can also add maltesers and cherries too. then put into a shallow baking dish and leave to set.



  1. like the new header! =)

    think i'm gonna give those biccies a go, we've just started to wean Lily, and thinking of going down a more BLW route than the strict Gina Ford I followed with Maia haha. But then, i was really worried about doin it ''wrong'' so needed her very handy step by step instructions ;)

  2. thanks kimberley!
    i am definitely all for the baby led weaning way... you dont need to be super strict with it and never use a spoon like they suggest! we mixed it up and kept it fun and relaxed and she is fantastic eater now! she was also mostly BF 'til one so as food wasnt 'essential' it allowed her to explore it without the pressure of 'just one more spoon...'