Sunday, 5 February 2012

delay tactics and singing

i mentioned earlier this week that i liked to keep busy and it occurred to me that it may be easier just to stay in once in a while...  now while i do have quiet days, we never have an entire day where we do not leave the house - and if we do it is because one or all of us are ill!  we have to go out to walk the dog at least, it's only fair! the poor delegated dog - once ruler of the roost, now poked and prodded by a toddler and left to fend for herself! that is not entirely true actually... she still remains a pretty pampered pooch - even by her standards!

so i got to thinking...

perhaps i overcompensate poppys lack of nursery placement with such an assortment of social occasions... or perhaps i am merely keeping my feisty little girl entertained... a little girl who has been high demand since the moment she arrived!
she was brought back to me the night she was born, by the nurse who had offered to give me a break to sleep.  she was so desperate to see what was going on that she was sitting very confidently by herself by the time she was five months and has pretty much gurgled, babbled and now chats through her every waking moment... she is probably the most entertaining, hilarious, character i have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

today, i stayed in - my husband happily took the dog to the studio and we had a 'duvet' day! and it was fun!

both a little stir crazy by tea time - but we made it! fingers crossed she sleeps through now as i fear (judging by the delay tactics and the singing at bed time) that i may have an under-tired little girl on my hands...

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