Tuesday, 31 January 2012

coffee shops and babygroups

apparently, i am busy girl! there are always plenty of rolling eyes whenever i mention the latest outing, group or class that poppy and i are going to!  today was no exception and it was orchestrated to perfection... a rarity let me tell you!
so we had creche in the morning followed by a quick lunch then a stroll up to town for nap time.  we even managed to look in a few shops before her playgroup, then it was home for tea! a fairly jam packed day even by my standards!

feeling very maternal and house-wifey this evening i managed to finish a cross stitch name plate that i decided to make for her bedroom door - all this smug-ness will inevitably result in a rubbish day tomorrow!?

Friday, 27 January 2012

a letter to my bear

dear poppy,
today you are 22 months old.  i wanted to write you this letter for you to look back on and remember the amazing little girl that you are.   you are becoming the funniest and kindest little person, i could ever have imagined. you are singing songs with me and doing all the actions, you are signing and speaking so well that we are able to have conversations and talk about our day together.  yesterday i bought you your first pants... you were so happy to have them that you wouldn't let go so that the cashier could scan them! then when we got home, you put them on all by yourself, one after the other.  i was so proud as you said 'thank you mummy' and toddled off to play wearing seven pairs of pants! your dad and i laughed at how clever and sweet you are.

you told your daddy as he left for work 'bye bye daddy, see you in the morning!' and you say 'night night bugs bed bite' at bed time.  you make me so happy and proud everyday.

thank you

lots of love and cuddles

mum xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

red cheeks and gondolas

we have just been on a lovely little jaunt up to the mountains! it was very cold but also very beautiful... i found a pretty little play park for poppy and me... and the dog of course! but our cheeks went white

 it was pretty chilly up there! the gondola ride was the best bit and we even managed to get a bit of skiing in one morning thanks to a willing babysitting/dog walking auntie and uncle!

i love that feeling you get on the way back down when you have been completely blown about by a strong wind... i think it might be 'refreshed' but it feels more like 'cleared out'!

back into the thick of it again now... home and back to working through the nap and late into the evening. so many little things that i keep forgetting to do. why is that? i cant possibly still have baby brain, surely? maybe it has developed into toddler brain.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

hello this is my first post so i thought i would introduce myself... i am a stay at home, self employed mum to poppy and our hairy dog, lily.  we dont do much really; we play, we walk and we chat.  we rarely stay in.  in the evening, i work.
when i got pregnant and found out we were having a girl, i was over the moon.  i am not into girly things and when i started to shop (which i did almost straight away!) i got worried.  i realised that i was going to have to work hard to find things that were not all pink, frilly and covered in disney... so i went online.
i also like to craft! no that's not true... i love to craft! cross stitch, decopatch, knitting, card making, cushion covers... i will try my hand at anything.
so, this is my blog... it will be a bit about me, lots about poppy, a wee bit about lily, crafting and photography but most of all it will be about my daily finds, inspiration and just lovely things!