Wednesday, 30 December 2015

resolutions and aspirations

today poppy and i were chatting about new years resolutions... what they are, what it means etc etc. she was really interested and wanted to make some of her own but found it tricky to think of something... i mean it's all 'get organised', 'keep fit', 'lose weight' with us adults, huh.

i decided to give her a wee check list {oh how i love a list!}

i have kept this full size to be delightfully helpful so you lovely readers can print it ~

we got to chatting about happiness and i told her about a blog i read {} where the girl {age 6} had said something like ~ "i decided i was going to have fun long before i got here..."

and i just love that idea, that you decide to be happy.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

nine day detox - day 7~9

day seven ~
i made crepes today for our 600 cal meal and they were really delicious... making things from scratch is the perfect way to know exactly what is going into your body.  if i take anything away from this experience it will be to be mindful of the food i eat. to eat clean. reduce the amount of processed, artificial and refined food that we as a family consume. we are pretty good at that as it is, but there is a part of our diet that could really do with a bit of a blitz - snacking!
i am loving the shakes as well, we will definitely keep this part of the c9 going... this and the gel.

day eight ~
today i made a big pot of dhal for our evening meal, with a few home made chapatis... these are just wholemeal flour and water {no salt or yeast} and then a small amount of oil to fry... i used coconut oil.
reaching for fruit or a glass of water instead of a chocolate biscuit or packet of crisps has been the most amazing thing for me ~ i am learning that i don't really need the quick sugar fix... that i am eating more out of boredom or habit rather than need. so by swapping the delicious treat for a healthier choice has really reduced my snacking so far...

day nine ~
i made it! i did the full nine days!
we get to have a small lunch today to wean us back into eating three meals! i made vegetable soup and for our evening meal we had lamb chops with spinach and mushrooms.

i, surprisingly, enjoyed the whole process and learning about the foods i eat and the effect it has on my body.
the lack of caffeine has had little or no effect on me at all, it just proves that i don't 'need' it. drinking tea and coffee was just a habit for me and i am sure that i will continue to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum from now on.
i have also noticed that my appetite is much smaller and i actually stop eating when i am full... instead of continuing to pick at food until it is all gone... from mine and my kids plates!

if i keep our portions small i am certain that this habit will continue as well!

and here are my results {apologies for the grumpy face ~ not a fan of showing my tummy far less in front of the camera!}
... a total of 6inches all over and a weight loss of 8lbs ~

all in all, c9 was a complete success for me and one that i highly recommend for anyone with a bit of weight to shift, or bad habits to change.