Thursday, 16 February 2012

toddlers and teepees

i am always trying to find things in that are a bit different to decorate my house and lately i have been accessorising poppys bed room and turning it into more of a big girls room...

she spends a lot of time in there playing so i like to make it as relaxed and fun an environment as possible! i found this lovely teepee online (here) and i just had to buy it! she loves playing in it and so do her friends. it is also a good place for her to sit and read her books if she wants a bit of 'me' time!  earlier today i realised that all had gone quiet for longer than usual so i tip toed through to see what she was up to - expecting to find her filling her nappy somewhere, she was sitting in her teepee with Pink Rabbit singing wind the bobbin up and making him do all the actions... such sweet unforgettable moments.

i am also looking to find a tin tea set for her to play with - but yet to find one that is in good condition! love rummaging through charity shops though so can't complain!

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