Friday, 28 March 2014

baby carriers and cloth nappies

now anyone who knows me will know that there are two loves in my life that teeter on the brink of obsession! i talk about them. i recommend them to anyone who will listen. i trawl preloved pages for them. chat on forums about them. and of course. use them!

so. what are they?

not my kids... although they are my favourite thing in the world and i do obsess over them!

no. it's cloth nappies and baby carriers...

i recommend both these items to all my new mum friends because they have changed my life (granted, having children kind of did that anyway :) but why? being able to carry my children has meant i have been able to stay sane when everything was working against me... a toddler and a newborn who were both reluctant nappers. building housework. a dog to walk. mums to meet. groups to attend. and me. a mum of two who resisted buying a double pram. who hates spending frivolously. who holds napping in high regard (i had an ap!) who needs to keep doing things and finds it hard to slow down.

a sling lets me do all the things i need to do and not compromise baby's nap time. the same piece of fabric also provides an 'up' for my tired toddler who after a week of nursery just cant manage the last few meters home.

cloth nappies mean i never run out and need to run to the shop (unless i don't stay on top of the laundry!) they are kind to the environment, my pocket and my baby's bottom. stinky disposables leak gelly things on sore bottoms after a long nights sleep. and it doesn't stop there... cloth wipes mean i don't need two bags at nappy changing time as they both go into the wet bag! no overflowing bins on bin day for us :) plus they look super cute. you cant resist a big bummed baby!


i just need to convince the rest of the house on family cloth...

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