Saturday, 28 November 2015

nine day detox - day 4~6

day four ~
definitely getting better! i don't feel as hungry all the time and i also don't even feel as though i miss tea and coffee... i thought about cheating and just having a wee sneaky decaf when at the soft play with the kids today. when i got to the counter to order, i just didn't feel like a coffee.
the c9 works!
i did a fair amount of walking today with the pram and with the toddler in the sling and i didn't feel too tired or lightheaded despite not eating much... i had my lunchtime shake with me and i just sipped it as i went along.
my 600 cal meal was a big bowl of home made vegetable and lentil soup with some seeded bread and a wee bit of butter... i felt full up really quickly and the soup warmed me up as the weather has been freezing the last few days.

day five ~
i really want to snack.
for my evening meal i had pitta parcels with lettuce, minced beef and mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and onions... and a cheeky sprinkling of parmesan! it was really tasty!
this evening was tough again as i really felt like i wanted cake and crisps!
i have also noticed that although it is taking me a wee bit longer to fall asleep at night, i am sleeping deeper and better so feel more revitalised in the mornings and the school run is amazing with my shake in hand! i am loving it so far! but i am also really looking forward to eating whatever i want, whenever i want to!

day six ~
not long to go... over half way!
i had lasagna and a big salad for my evening meal and felt really full up even without my usual double helping of garlic bread! 
my stomach feels tighter and flatter, my chins are receding...
but i want to make it known...
i didn't need to loose any weight - i am a healthy 9ish stone so i was really looking for the cleanse aspect of the c9... i want to learn to eat clean... make better snacking choices... and just feel better about myself.
however, loosing the extra baby weight around my middle, that has snuck up on me over the last five years, has been a huge confidence boost.
the clean eating has removed the eternal sluggish feeling i used to have...
i feel energised and healthy and i love it!

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